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About Me

I'm Fernando

Software Developer

Based in Santiago, CL

Hi! My name is Fernando Hernández Vega. I am software developer, whiteboards lover and in my free time I like to teach and help people and above all coming up with ideas.

In companies I like to add value in details and generate alternatives or instances to promote the growth of teams and brands.

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  • What I Do

    My Services

    In my experience as developer I grown in a Full Stack enviroment, participating in MVPs develop from product design to apps developing.

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    With Node, Nest, Express and FastAPI

    In my career as a Backend Developer I had mainly dedicated to the develop of REST API and Bots. Cloud native with AWS.

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    With React, Next and Flutter

    As a Frontend Developer I had work building Dashboards, Graphs and Landing pages.

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    With Direct Contact with Clients

    When it comes to Consultancy I had to do from project management to process management and system integration.

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    With Inductions, Workshops and Bootcamps

    I also had the oportunity to improve my teaching skills sharing my knowledge with management and operations staff.

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My Resume

I hope to be able to join a company that knows how to exploit my creativity and strategy. I like to develop skills that allow the better functioning of work teams in effective communication area, empathy at work and team management.

  • Education

    • Programming Bootcamp

      Universidad de Chile with Accenture
      3 months

      Full Stack Software Developer formation.

    • Skills for Work Program

      Fundación Forge, Chile
      2 months

      Certificate in Soft Skills Development.

    • Business Management

      Universidad de Santiago, Chile
      3 years

      Non graduated in Bussines Management.

    • Secondary Education

      Colegio IDOP, Chile
      4 years

      Graduated in Humanist-Scientific formation.

  • Experience

    • Full Stack Developer

      Hackmonkeys, Chile
      8 months

      In this startup I participate in consultancy projects drawing pages with React and setting up web services with Node.

    • Sofware Developer and Founder

      Empatía Industries, Chile
      3 years

      We connect people and organizations, promoting entrepreneurship, teaching programming and building proofs of concept.

My Latest Updates

From Internet

I'm always aware of the last technologies and services that could increase the value on products and brands.

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    Training Hours

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Call between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. GMT-3, Monday through Friday. Also, always can you send me an email.